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We take the idea of creating solution rather than just managing problem. It's about seeing the bigger picture and understanding the idea or problem within the context of a larger system that requires more lateral thinking & gathering information from a far wider variety of sources.


Obviously everyone wants to be successful in life and in whatever they do, but for us, we want to be looked back on as being very innovative, very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world.


Great solutions come from good listening. It’s a developed skill. We’re the partner that can hear what you’re saying, understand your needs and arrive at creative, highly customized solutions that hit a home run – every time.

Our Work

A little inside of what we've done

  1. National Institute Of Biotechnology Malaysia



    One Year Contract For Dedicated Internet

  2. Kementerian Sumber Asli Dan Alam Sekitar (NRE)

    SST 08/2013


    Perolehan Penyelenggaraan Peralatan Ict Bagi Sistem Storan Di Disaster Recovery Centre (Drc), NRE

  3. Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Selangor



    Pembaharuan Lesen Firewall Fortigate

  4. Hospital Ampang



    Kerja-kerja Penambahan Network Point Untuk Hospital Ampang

  5. Jabatan Ketua Pengarah Tanah Dan Galian (JKPTG)



    Perkhidmatan Untuk Kerja-Kerja Integrasi SPTB.SPHT

  6. Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia



    Membekal Peralatan Di STB Teluk Air Tawar, Pulau Pinang. Kelengkapan Bilik Server JKM.

  7. Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR)



    Membekal CD/DVD Duplicator (WinPower Digital Sharkcopier Duplicator 1-15) Untuk Kegunaan Semasa PRU 13

  8. Institut Penyelidikan Hidraulik Kebangsaan Malaysia (NAHRIM)



    Membangun, Membekal, Memasang, Mengujiterima Dan Mentauliah Serta Melaksana Pembangunan Aplikasi E-Pembelajaran Bagi Pengurusan Sumber Air Bersepadu Dan Perubahan Iklim Untuk Institut Penyelidikan Hidraulik Kebangsaan Malaysia

  9. Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa Dan Industri

    Ebidding MITI BIL:4/2011


    Membekal, Memasang, Menguji Dan Mentauliah Perisian Desktop Management

  10. Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)



    Membekal, menghantar, memasang, melatih dan mentauliah 2unit Storan Di Pusat MARA

  11. Kementerian Sumber Asli Dan Alam Sekitar(NRE)



    Perolehan Bagi Membekal, Memasang, Menguji Dan Mentauliah Peralatan ICT Untuk Kementerian Sumber Asli Dan Alam Sekitar (NRE)

  12. Kementerian Sumber Asli Dan Alam Sekitar (NRE)



    Perkhidmatan Security Posture Assessment (SPA) Untuk Pusat Infrastruktur Data Geospatial Negara (MACGDI) Kementerian Sumber Asli Dan Alam Sekitar (NRE)

  13. Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara



    Menyediakan Peralatan ICT untuk Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara

  14. IMU Education Sdn Bhd



    Renewal License for ASTARO Security Gateway Software

  15. Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia



    Sebutharga untuk Perkhidmatan Sistem Portal dan E-Mail Rasmi dan Server Institut Kraf Negara

  16. Jabatan Taman Laut Malaysia

    TENDER NRE(JTLM)-T04/2008


    Tawaran Perolehan Bagi Pembekalan Peralatan dan Perisian ICT, Jabatan Taman Laut Malaysia

  17. Jabatan Perlindungan Dan Hidupan Liar

    SH 87/2008


    Perolehan Perkakasan ICT Bagi Jabatan PERHILITAN


A little inside if you will


We developed both mobile and desktop application for your business process solution. Using the latest technology that can be expand in the future.


We provide ICT equipment sales, rent and support services for both the government bodies and the private sector.


We implement state-of-the art application security, network security, server security, and data security to protect your business sensitive information.


Our company is a strategic partner for all companies and network hardware such as Cisco , 3Com Netgear , Broadcom , Edge Networks , IBM , D -Link and more.


We provide forensics tools sales, rent and support services for both the government bodies and the private sector. Our forensics tools covers from digital and physical forensics solution.


We are a registered (under Ministry of Finance Malaysia) training provider that organizes courses with respect to human capital development in the field of ICT, Management & Administration, Motivation, ICT Project Management and others on request

Who Are We

KBM Technology Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% 'Bumiputra' ICT company based in Selangor Darul Ehsan. It was incorporated on February 16 2007.

KBM Vision

We aspire to be the leading solution and service provider in the Information, Communication and Technology business by providing complete ICT solutions and innovative services using today’s technology benchmarked against the industry’s best practices.

We are also committed to creating an environment internally that is conducive for the ongoing enrichment of knowledge and pursuit of excellence.

KBM Philosophy

We are a service-oriented company that uses Technology coupled with our expertise and experience as a means to add value and enhance the businesses of our clients. We are a result-oriented company committed to giving our clients quality service. We excel as a company using today’s readily available technology innovatively.

KBM also extends this commitment internally by creating an environment that is conducive for the ongoing development of our resources, be it in terms of staff development or knowledge acquisition.

KBM believes that successful vendor-client relationships are based on the principles of fairness and objectivity with a win-win approach for all parties concerned. We look upon ourselves as more than a business partner to our clients; we take it upon ourselves to be an extension of our client’s organization. Our approach is to develop a synergistic relationship working hand-in-hand towards a common business objective.

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